The holiday season has kicked off. The start of the fall weather is where it all begins. The first holiday that comes up is Halloween. This is the holiday that kids and adults dress up in costumes and head out for a sugary treat. Many families head out and go door to door collecting candy from each house. Other families choose to have a party with goodies and friends to spend time snacking and having fun. One of the best parts of the dressing up is getting to put on face paint and makeup to make the costume even more fun or scary. If you are dressed as a clown you need the white face and the red nose to make it look good. You just can’t be a scary zombie without using some face paint to make it look like your dead. If you have a get together at your house you can be sure that at some point the kids will get tired. This means they will probably lay on the carpet to watch a movie or sort through their goodies. They are not used to wearing the make up so they are not careful about it getting on the rug and carpet.

LA Valley Steam Carpet Cleaning has some tips to help you remove Halloween face paint and makeup from your carpets, rugs & sofas.

No matter what kind of stain that you are going to treat you always start the same way. You are going to need to remove any excess paint that is on the carpet. This can be done with a paper towel or a wash rag. If you skip this step you might make the spot even bigger and even harder to clean up. After you are confident that you have removed the excess you need to get a clean white wash cloth and soak it in water. Then add some cleaner that you have already tested for your carpets. Once you have the cloth soaked you should lay it on the spot and allow it sit there for about five minutes. After the five minutes is up you can move it off and use the same cloth to blot away the spot. Do not scrub at it because this can cause the stain to spread and also can cause damage to the carpet fibers. After you blotted away the stain you can use a new fresh rag soaked in plain water to rinse away the cleaner.

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If the stain remains or you don’t feel up to tackling it on your own, call LA Valley Steam Carpet Cleaning for expert floor and upholstery cleaning and stain removal.